Teen pregnancy is a huge problem in Milwaukee and is a situation that needs to be taken seriously. In an effort to show teenagers the repercussions of becoming a parent, we placed vending machines filled with baby products in high school cafeterias, accompanied by the message “welcome to the wonderful world of teen pregnancy.” The campaign created a huge buzz amongst students and led to half a dozen news stories locally.  

To get teens to think twice about the potential consequences of having sex on prom night, we placed pregnant mannequins at local prom dress stores. Tags on the tight-fitting dresses carried a simple message, “A prom date is better without a due date.” The mannequins also served as a vehicle to reach parents, encouraging them to talk to their kids about sex and the consequences of becoming pregnant as a teen.


As part of Milwaukee’s on-going initiative to reduce the teen pregnancy rate in the city, Serve and the United Way continued its’ tradition of attention-grabbing campaigns. This campaign launched as teens were heading back to school and ask them to think how their every day lives would change with the introduction of a baby into the picture.


AGENCY: Serve Marketing  /  CLIENT: United Way
CD: Gary Mueller /  AD: Casey Christian  /  CW: Stephanie Goldner  /  Photographer: Jeff Salzer